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Homeowners Insurance (Nevada Only)

We know how important it is to protect your home with proper insurance that is still cost-effective. Here at RF Insurance Group, we work with a variety of insurance carriers as an independent, third-party insurance provider that offers cutting-edge homeowner’s insurance premiums with costs lower than the market. We currently only offer our services in Nevada. Our services are faster, just as thorough, give you more options, and allow you to save more. Don’t believe us? Here’s how:

Fast Quoting

Our initial quotes take 30 seconds to generate online with no application. Just put in your address and you are good to go. Using artificial intelligence and aggregate data on property values, incident rates, and crime data, we are able to generate an accurate initial quote.

Final quotes take 3-5 minutes. You customize your initial quote with changes to the deductible and property value that is suggested, you verify the number of claims, and then you are ready to finalize your insurance contract. Pay with a credit card, and then you’re done. Easy as that.

Low Premiums

We work through carriers as an unattached third party. That way we have no incentive but giving you the best deal. We cut through their overhead, bring them business, and you get the savings.

Due to the automated nature of the quotes and our no-call, no-underwriter, and no-agent-needed policy to get your homeowner’s insurance, we keep overhead to a minimum while maintaining quality. That way, we win and you win.

We are ahead of the market. Other big firms haven’t adapted as fast as we have, and haven’t invested in the computing intelligence to make a system like this viable without cumbersome applications, or much more custom input and a phone conversation.

Same Service

If you do need to call, you have a local agent right here in Nevada, with years of experience, managing your policy.

The offered insurance policies cover home values up to $5M in coverage and $1M in liability. With you’re at the helm, you have control and can tweak your coverage as you see fit. Our system can provide suggestions throughout the process, and if you need coverage that isn’t there, you can start with a chosen coverage, then contact us, to add other policies as needed— such as umbrellas and jewelry floaters.

Looking for other insurance types? We offer regional and national business insurance, cyber insurance, and more. Browse our website or contact us to learn more.

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